Blog news – September 23

Dear readers:

1. Upcoming posts: An interview with a top account manager from Shanghai, some thoughts on advertising inspired by lost cat posters, and an overview of shared bike programs and their branding potential. Plus…

2. On October 3-4 I will be attending the IAB Mixx conference in New York. The conference topic is “Building narrative in the digital age”, and the keynote speakers are senior leaders from Google, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, The Martin Agency and Wieden & Kennedy. And the key note speaker is sport journalist and web content creator Bill Simmons, of whom I’m a huge fan. Pretty friggin’ impressive! I’ll be tweeting live and posting some reports and video interviews – so stay tuned! And if any of you will be in attendance, send me an email and let’s get together for a beer!

3. If you’d like to get an email notice every time an awesome new post goes up, please sign up by clicking on the button at the bottom left. Or if you follow my Twitter stream, you can receive the notice there. (link is on the left).

4. Views the last 2 weeks have gone up, so thank you for coming back! The interesting thing is that whereas before daily traffic was mostly to the most recent new post, in the last days people have been hopping around quite a bit, checking out a lot of the past post. Cool! In the graph below, the spike at the left was the day I posted the “Copywriting is dead” post. The following Monday Sept 19 I posted the “If you love your country…” post, and curiously the spike came the day after. There is a lot to be learned from watching these trends, so thank you, thank you, thank you for coming back!


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