Ad of the Day – December 5 (Paris)

Every morning I scour the web and look at the latest ads (in any medium) from around the non-US world. Then I post for you my Ad of the Day. Some days it will be awesome, some days you might not like it. But it’s the Ad of the Day!

Today’s pick:

  • Agency: Fred & Farid
  • Location: Paris, France
  • Client: Schweppes
  • Name: “Fruits…well kind of”
  • Why I like it: This series of print ads caught my eye because of their over-the-top use of color. Which works nicely if what you want to advertise if a series of exotic fruit flavored Schweppes drinks! Bordering on surreal (the page almost seems juicy, doesn’t it?), yet also with a very mature, sensual appeal. I dug it. Interestingly enough, the part that didn’t work for me is the use of Uma Thurman – what a wasted opportunity given that she’s styled to the point of being almost unrecognizable! They could have used and good-looking blonde. Either way (with Uma or without Uma), these print ads are Monday’s ad of the day, and the second  consecutive week with an entry from Fred & Farid!


3 thoughts on “Ad of the Day – December 5 (Paris)

  1. Schweppes have been lucky for having the best advertisement since it inception. it was legendary for the work David Ogilvy did for it back in the day from TVC’s to Print
    amazing blog. keep it up


    • Indeed. It’s a quirky product, backed by some historically good work. The Commander Whitehead work from the 60s is so classically good! Of course, completely different than the above – much more copy driven, as was customary. And it had a very Ogilvy-traditional layout. But the “big idea” was very much there, and this is what ultimately made this stand out. You can read a little more about it here (scroll down halfway). Thanks for posting your comment!

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