Blog news – December 16: Vacation, Awards, and 中國!

We’re going on vacation! It has been a long year with many exciting changes. And now, as it starts to get cold and nasty in Chicago…I’m escaping for 2 weeks of sunshine and beach. Back and fully operational on January 1 to kickoff the new year!

We’re taking a look back! Since we began over 4 months ago we’ve seen a lot of great work, and shared quite a few advertising thoughts…with an international twist. We’re going to take 1 week off and then we’ll do a “best of”, taking a look back and appreciating that which was awesome, that which was inspiring, and that which was lame. So stay tuned for this, starting Monday, December 26.

We’re moving to China! Big life change coming up for me and my family. I’ve taken a fantastic advertising job in Shanghai, and I’ll be permanently relocating there in January. What does this mean for Adboardingpass? Well, hopefully much more “on the ground reporting” on the booming advertising markets that are China and Asia. If you look through the “Ads of the Day” for example, the one area where we are lacking in variety is Asia: expect that to change. I’m really excited about what this will mean for Adboardingpass – I expect it will make the content richer, more diverse, and with a more unique viewpoint that you won’t find anywhere else.

In closing, I would like to thank all of you readers for what has been a fantastic experience. Working on this blog has wildly surpassed my expectations: it has made me more attuned to our industry; it has helped to clarify what I like, what I don’t, and why; and it has connected me to wonderful and talented people from all around the world.

I hope coming by has helped you catch an ad that maybe you would have missed, or has helped you in evaluating your own thoughts about the advertising business, or has given you non-advertisers a glimpse into this ever-changing industry. Please keep coming back, and tell a friend. I’ll keep writing:)

My best wishes to you for the new year!


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