Ad of the Day – March 27 (New York)

Your daily dose of advertising awesomeness from around the world!



Today’s pick:

  • Agency: DDB
  • Location: New York
  • Client: Hertz
  • Name: “Park, then fly”

Why I like it: Loyal readers will know that I love vintage/retro style advertising. There’s something about the aesthetic that makes it seem actually quite modern to me, and in a very cut-through way. So in honor of Mad Men’s return to television, I’m going to go with 2 days of retro goodness for our Ad of the Day. Today’s is from New York, and it’s fantastic because the choice to go retro serves a real role. Beyond just cutting through the clutter, it’s a statement about how truly fantastic these services are that we just take for granted. By reaching back to that time when the future seemed so wondrous and limitless, it illustrates how far we have actually come. Some of these dreams are actually reality, at least when it comes with renting cars with Hertz:) Fantastic work. If you’re a fan of the design, you should check out a previous Ad of the Day for Amtrak, very similar lines!

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