Ad of the Day – June 4 (Sao Paulo)

Your daily dose of advertising awesomeness from around the world!

Today’s pick:

  • Agency: Almap BBDO
  • Location: Sao Paulo
  • Client: VW Original Parts
  • Name: “The Original Click”

Why I like it: Back in April 5 we featured 3 great print ads done by Leo Burnett for Fiat Original PartsThis time it’s for VW Original parts, so I guess this is a very large industry in Brazil. Either that or creative awards season is around the corner (wink, wink). Even though this sets of the Adboardingpass Scamocity radar, I wanted to share it with you because they really did find a pretty creative twist to deliver the message of “imitations suck”, and they did so in a way that is new and gets people talking. These days we are so over-bombarded with messages today that if you don’t take a different angle on things it’s likely you will not be noticed. So congrats to the guys at Almap for this stunt – it’s the type of oblique creative thinking that is offering a peek into the future frontiers of advertising. Some of it may work, some of it may not pan out – but it’s worth trying, or we’ll never know.

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