Ad of the Day – June 11 (Sao Paulo)

Your daily dose of advertising awesomeness from around the world!

Today’s pick:

  • Agency: BorghiErh/Lowe
  • Location: Sao Paulo
  • Client: UOL Viagem (online travel agency)
  • Name: “Turtle Flash drive”
  • Translation of tagline: “When the life of a turtle flash drive is more exciting than yours…it’s time to go to UOL Viagem

Why I like it: For the travel industry you expect images of exotic locales beaches, taking you away from your daily drudgery. Here it was done with more energy, imagination and even humor than the norm, and that’s why it stood out to me. I like ads that transmit a “zest for life”, that send a strong message that there is more out there to do see and do. This resonates with me when it’s for Levi’s, when it’s for Puma…and even when it’s for a travel agency. The adventures of the turtle flash drive came across as inspiring, a call to arms to get out and do things, see places. I have my doubts as to how viable the online ad agency industry is as a whole…but in terms of pushing me to act, in terms of making me jealous of a little turtle…this one worked for me. So nicely done:)

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