Ad of the Day – July 13 (Warsaw)

Your daily dose of advertising awesomeness from around the world!

Today’s pick:

  • Agency: DDB
  • Location: Warsaw
  • Client:McDonald’s
  • Name: “Hamburger Timetable”
  • Category: Digital Outdoor (note: we’re going to go for an all-digital week in “Ad of the Day”!)

Why I like it: When I lived in Chicago there was a McDonald’s right next to the train I took to get home every day, and this type of mental calculation about food vs. time happened all the time. I’m intrigued by attempts to substitute a brand for something else that is intangible – be it love, a memory, friendship, pride…In this case, something very functional like an order of fries or a Big Mac is replaced for a unit of time, and it totally works! Easy to implement, attention grabbing, amusing because it focuses on a perceived truth ( how many times did I say to myself “do I have enough time to eat? No, but I can grab some fries on the go”) and, importantly, leading to action – since presumably the McDonald’s is right around the corner and people will flock to it after noticing the message in such an interesting context. Really well done – why don’t we see more of this in all waiting areas?


Thanks to M. Violo for the tip!

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