Ad of the Day – August 16 (Sao Paulo)

Your daily dose of advertising awesomeness from around the world!

Today’s pick:

  • Agency: W+K
  • Location: Sao Paulo
  • Client: Comedy Central LATAM
  • Name: “Siesta”
  • Category: Film. Viral video

Why I like it: Ha! Love it. It’s a funny 2 minutes (it’d better be, if it’s for Comedy Central!), it has a bit of an edge (some Latins might be offended at the characterization…but if they are they’re not the target audience), it’s well-connected to the brand, and it’s not afraid to push things beyond, into that “silly zone” where the humor either works or doesn’t. I’ve written before about online videos, because their “virality” is so elusive…if we knew what caused it, we’d do it all the time. In this case, the video has a lot of “replayability” and “sharability”. The idea itself is not that creative or even funny. But the executional choices made show real comedic talent behind the scenes, and I’d bet that actual comedy writers (not just agency creatives) were involved in this…the oddly-german accent of the narrator, the inclusion of the Chinese second-place competitor, the way the judge disqualifies competitors with a slap and a “Fuera!”…little touches that take the idea and elevate it to…funny. So easy to enjoy when you watch it, so damn hard to accomplish! Nice work from our Paulista friends at W+K, parabens!

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