Ad of the Day – September 5 (Cape Town)

Your daily dose of advertising awesomeness from around the world!


Today’s pick:

  • Agency: FoxP2
  • Location: Cape Town, South Africa
  • Client: MWeb (a cloud storage provider)
  • Name: “Full of goodness. Rediscover Dairy”
  • Category: Print

Why I like it: Sure, it’s a little “scammy”…but I think it’s well worth sharing because there’s something about it that is pretty unique. It seems like a pretty simple print ad, with a central image paid off by a small tagline in the bottom right. Certainly the image stops you on your tracks, the kinetic motion of the milk coming out of the mouth like vomit is not something I’ve ever seen (in a print ad..), and once you’re hooked you’re drawn in to notice the person, the bleak surroundings…and a question starts building in your mind about what this is all about. Very cool. But what really sets this ad apart is that it’s a sort of “double negative” approach to selling a product: The milk is shown in a negative way (spewing out of someone’s mouth in disgust)…but…this comes from a negative person (whale killer, child exploiter…). So, a negative times a negative equals…a positive! It’s just like math! The tagline helps you understand that this is all actually a good thing…it’s happening because milk is wholesome! The entire logic thing actually clicks in your brain much faster than I just described it, and it’s just intriguing because it’s such a logical contortion…which somehow…works. Wow. Second interesting print ad in a row from the same agency in Cape Town, I want whatever they’re drinking!

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