Ad of the Day – September 10 (San Francisco)

Your daily dose of advertising awesomeness from around the world!

Today’s pick:

Why I like it: A bank heist film compressed expertly into 60 seconds. Wow! A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the theory that, in categories where “everything has already been said before”, your execution becomes your idea…meaning that how you tell it starts taking an even greater role in whether people are going to notice what you’re saying. Take this ad, for example: The tagline is quite cool: “Heighten your senses”. But this could so easily be a tagline for 20 different car models – this idea is not original or special enough on its own. So here, the execution becomes the idea, it’s what carries the ad. So expertly scripted, paced, shot, edited that it hooks you in immediately, and then draws you closer and closer, with all the building suspense of a great film. Your brain opens up, your anti-advertising barriers drop, and when the ad finishes you “reward” the brand for the entertainment by thinking “Hmmm! Pretty cool, Audi!” and noticing the nice lines of the car. Next time it comes on, you’ll perk up right away, and in the end this will be much more lasting in its impact than the ad with the windy hillside curves or the salt flats racing. Nicely done, nicely crafted – I’m a fan!

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