Ad of the Day – September 12 (Shanghai!)

Your daily dose of advertising awesomeness from around the world!

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Today’s pick:

  • Agency: Ogilvy & Mather
  • Location: Shanghai
  • Client: Eclairs (a Cadbury candy)
  • Name: “The Art of Anticipation”
  • Category: Film
  • Translation: (If you don’t understand Chinese it won’t make any sense unless you read this first…)

Get ready
Swirl it
Wait it
Bite it
Choclairs, three steps to enjoy an Eclair.
Swirl it gently wait for the toffee to slowly melt…
rich chocolate sauce bursting out..mmmm
Eclairs Toffee candy – enjoy the delicious anticipation
Hold it
Swirl it
Love it
Dream it
Want it
Anticipate it
Slow it slow it
Hold it
Swirl it
Love it
Dream it
Want it…Wait it…wait it…
Bite it love it!!
Bite it love it!!

Why I like it: The last time I shared a piece from Ogilvy Shanghai, it went on to win the Cannes OOH Grand Prix:)This one may not win any outdoor awards, but I’m very proud to present to you the latest work we’ve done for Cadbury’s Eclairs. Like many good ads, this one perfectly interconnects the rational and the artistic, so as to draw the viewer in and keep them there long enough to deliver a message strongly linked to your brand: On one side, it’s hard to be more product centric than this ad, as it’s basically an instructional video for how to best enjoy eating this candy, one key step at a time. On the other hand, stylistically this is such a breakthrough approach for a category filled with cliches of romantic indulgence and escape – we’ve got these cheeky techno-girls warming up their tongues and shaking their hips to a techno track that’s sure to stick in your mind. It’s modern, young, filled with attitude, campaignable, and completely connected to the product experience. Often I speculate about how the development process must have been on this ad or that…on this one I know for sure – and I can promise you that there was a lot of risk taking, courage and leaps of faith on both the client and agency sides. It’s the only way to end up with anything worthwhile!


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