Ad of the Day – October 16 (Los Angeles?)

Your daily dose of advertising awesomeness from around the world!

Today’s pick:

  • Agency: N/A (directed by film maker Joe Wright)
  • Location: Los Angeles?
  • Client: Chanel
  • Name: “There you are”
  • Category: Film

Why I like it: Sometimes you you aim high  on the “artsy” scale and you nail it. Others you fall to a fiery death. A major brand, with a major star, the stakes are high. Where did this one land for you? This is the playback of my thoughts as I watched this 30 second tvc: “Wow…Brad Pitt!…that’s pretty big time…must have cost a bundle…what’s he saying?…oh, I get it, it’s a joke…going totally over the top on purpose…love self-deprecating ads…nice “angst-ridden artiste” look, Brad! Love the long hair!…oh yeah baby, awesome nonsense…ham it up! c’mon give me more!…yes! look into the camera dreamily…talk to me Brad, TALK TO ME!…”my luck my fate my fortune”, sweet nonsense, nice!…ok, time to start bringing it in…give me a goofy smile…break it up…give me the punchline, tell us the joke…wait…you’re running out of time, Brad, hurry!…wait wha…this is for real?…are you serious Brad?…hello, Chanel…what?…you can’t be serious… hahahahahahahahahahaha!…oh boy, what a bunch of BS…”

I like to share things that I think are awesome, and this one was so bad that it was awesome indeed:) How did it work for you?

2 thoughts on “Ad of the Day – October 16 (Los Angeles?)

  1. Your comments summed it up perfectly! hahaha It’s so sad that it becomes amusing to see Chanel and Brad getting it so wrong, when it could have been perfection.

    • Hi DigitaSavvy – it just goes to show how hard it is, even top talent, top money all of that won’t guarantee you some great work. Hey, at least they have a huge media budget…that’s another way to get awareness!

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