Ad of the Day – October 19 (Paris)

Your daily dose of advertising awesomeness from around the world! Sorry for the unintended break last week. Ad of the Day is back!

Today’s pick:

  • Agency: TBWA
  • Location: Paris
  • Client: SNCF (French Railway system)
  • Name: “Take a look at Brussels”
  • Category: Ambient/digital content

Why I like it: A delightful idea, executed very, very nicely with the right touch of humor and style! Picture the brief – your French Railway client has opened up a high-speed service connecting Lyon to Brussels and they want to raise some awareness and buzz, and don’t have much money. How do we get people in Lyon to “think Brussels”? I won’t spoil it, see for yourself – but I’ll highlight two elements that stand out to me: One is that this idea is so logically linked to the product/service being sold. It makes logical sense…it’s all a metaphor for instant connection to Brussels, and guess what now there’s a train that can do almost the same thing. It’s not only about the execution, but about how the benefit is at the core of the idea. At work last month we’d considered something extremely similar for another client, but ultimately dropped it because we felt it didn’t connect…the execution was popping more than the brand/benefit – and that’s not enough. Two, as I said before with the Sprite video from Ogilvy Sap Paulo, the resulting FILM from the action is actually better than the action itself. It’s a new form of creativity, with actually a much broader audience than the actual stunt! If before most of the energy and talent went behind the original event, leaving some junior producer to handle the “case study video”,  nowadays we have to balance it out…if not actually invert the ratio. Agencies and clients that do are leveraging the digital and social media properly, and probably cleaning up at awards/efficacy shows too. Agencies and clients that don’t are probably putting together nice ambient stunts seen by…200 people. Not enough. Tres bien for our Parisian friends on this one!

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