Ad of the Day – October 30 (London)

Your daily dose of advertising awesomeness from around the world!



Today’s pick:

  • Agency: Adam&EveDDB
  • Location: London
  • Client: Harvey Nichols (department store)
  • Name: “Love Thyself”
  • Category: Print

Why I like it: Umm, no. It’s not just two women kissing…that would be too easy, and it wouldn’t be nearly as good, if at all. For starters, this one falls right into the folder of “so simple and obvious I can’t believe it hasn’t been done 100 times before!”. The visual is perfectly married to the headline, which is perfectly married to the offering.  A lovely little print ad sequence of: a great visual hook catching your attention and…leading to a simple-yet-evocative headline, which pays off the visual and makes you look at it again, appreciate the cleverness,  and then…back to the sub headline, where it all makes full sense, the loop is closed, you capture the advertiser that brought this to you and think well of them, and you archive it in your mind for (perhaps) later retrieval. Just perfect, what else can you ask from a print ad? I’m particularly impressed by how they managed to very delicately to balance between being sensual and provocative….and also…very elegant and aspirational – not easy at all to do! Harvey Nichols has been doing some great work of late, and as this body of work starts building over time, it says something important about the retailer – people do notice these things, if only because most retail advertising is so mediocre. Well done to our friends in Adam&EveDDB in London!

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