Ad of the Day – November 13 (Bangalore)

Your daily dose of advertising awesomeness from around the world!

Today’s pick:

  • Agency: Ogilvy
  • Location: Bangalore
  • Client: The Hindu (a newspaper)
  • Name: “Classroom”
  • Category: Film

Why I like it: At Cannes this year one of the winning themes was what I call the “making the world a better place” category. It makes sense that, in an age of message overload, creativity can be used to break through this clutter…and it doesn’t only have to be for selling you a new bar of soap. This ad is an example of a winning collaboration: The newspaper decides they must tackle a broad, societal issue (the breakdown of civility and respectful dialogue in Indian society?), the ad agency planners tease out an interesting insight to spark the creative (let’s appeal to an adult’s sense of shame at setting a bad example for their sons and daughters), the ad agency creatives come up with a great idea to bring this to life (putting a “mirror” to our own behaviors while telling us that the youth are watching us), and finally the director crafts the ad and executes the hell out of it, with the right choices to hit the right tone (use of black and white, slow motion, music, etc.). Very instructive, and also very effective. A little bit at a time, marketers and advertisers definitely have the power to make the world a better place. Well done for our friends in Bangalore!

1 thought on “Ad of the Day – November 13 (Bangalore)

  1. Great pick! The key lies in the line “I expect proper Parliamentary behavior”. The craziness that follows is a reflection of regular goings-on in the Indian Parliament. Elected officials have regularly gotten aggressive, flung mics, staged walk-outs and watched porn (see the 2 boys with the smartphone?) in the Assembly.

    The soulful background score is an old song promoting religious equality, and peace and prosperity for all. An ironic pick, indeed!

    Here’s a great clip from “The Newsroom” that reflects what The Hindu may be trying to achieve.

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