Ad of the Day – November 26 (Melbourne)

Your daily dose of advertising awesomeness from around the world!


Today’s pick:

  • Agency: Clemenger BBDO
  • Location: Melbourne
  • Client: Dirty Granny (Apple Cider)
  • Name: “Tom, Richard & Ken”
  • Category: Print, OOH

Why I like it: A print ad should catch your attention in the first 2 seconds, or you’ve lost the reader. This one catches your attention, and holds it…you smile, look at the bottle, think of the name of the product, look at the man, then back at the bottle, then smile again, then remark on the product name once again, filing it in your memory bank…what else can you ask for? Much good advertising is born from a great product. And a cider called “Dirty Granny” (by the way, Granny Smith is a variety of green apple)is simply begging for some great work. But then you still have to execute it, and the trick is to be edgy but accessible, funny but not over-the-top. Many would take it too far, and fail for being too obvious. Here I think they nail it with amazing casting, sharp photography, fantastic art direction, and great copywriting (and by great copywriting, I mean resisting the temptation to include copy where none is needed!). Cheers to that. 


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