Ad of the Day – December 12 (Sydney)

Your daily dose of advertising awesomeness from around the world!


butcher_aotw  waitress_aotw  skater_aotw (click to enlarge)

Today’s pick:

  • Agency: Leo Burnett
  • Location: Sydney
  • Client: Tide (detergent)
  • Name: “Revive your whites”
  • Category: Print

Why I like it: It’s interesting to trace this one from inception to final result and see how it got improved along the way. Remember, that magical “fairy dust” of inspiration can strike at any moment!  Here we have a very common product benefit, not much to work with at all. Not much of a strategy either, probably because this benefit has been done to death. Ah, but the idea of “revive your whites”…this has some promise, yes…bring the whites back from the dead…it has a certain zing to it now that zombies are so hot in pop culture. And the execution? Perfect. The medical setting, the “life” slowly seeping white back into the clothes (what a great demo!), it all comes together with visual interest and clarity of message! Having a dull product and strategy and leaving it all to the hopes of some creative  or execution miracle is a risky proposition – most of the time it’s not enough, and that’s why we strive to improve the odds with product development and clever strategies. But if you’re fortunate, and creative inspiration strikes…well that’s really all you need. Consider yourself lucky, and prepare the awards show submission!

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