Ad of the Day – December 14 (San Francisco)

Your daily dose of advertising awesomeness from around the world!

Today’s pick:

Why I like it: Cynics may say that this looks and sounds like every corporate IT ad ever made (IBM, SAP, Cisco, Microsoft, etc.), down to the piano that starts up on second 10. And they wouldn’t be far off the mark. Nevertheless, this one stands out. An inspiring, “hefty” message, executed with visual beauty that makes the 60 seconds fly by while keeping you in full attention. What’s interesting here is that I’d bet that the copywriting was intended to be the main driver…tons of time must have been spent on getting every single word just right, to convey a serious corporate manifesto for the ages. And they did a very nice job. But actually, what reallyhooked me was the beauty of the art direction! Take just about any frame in this entire ad and try to picture it as a double-page spread print ad. Not too hard, is it? Every single shot is artfully shot, and all together they add up to a visually breathtaking feast that keeps you hooked while the voiceover seeps in. That’s the importance of craft, folks. The little things matter! Rock-solid work from Goodby.

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