Ad of the Day – March 11 (Zurich)

Your daily dose of advertising awesomeness from around the world!

max_shoes_web_4max_shoes_web_1 max_shoes_web_5

Today’s pick:

  • Agency: Jung Von Matt/Limat
  • Location: Zurich
  • Client: Max Shoes
  • Name: “Stunning Collection”
  • Category: Print/OOH

Why I like it: Let’s say I’m in need of a print campaign. I would ask you to come up with some ideas. They need to be extremely simple, almost iconic, one glance and you get the message. Ideally the ads would feature the product front and center, because it’s a visual medium and I want my product to be visible. And mind you, I said I wanted simple, but this does not mean mediocre or boring or traditional…there should be some sort of exciting visual or written creative hook that I haven’t seen before, something that catches the eye and makes the ad stick in the memory. Finally, since my product is fashion-related, the styling and art direction should be top-notch. You might think that I’m asking for too many things at once. Then I would show you these ads as a reference, and you would think to yourself “Damn, ok. So, it can be done. Guess I’d better go and have a think.” Nice, nice work by the folks in Zurich!

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