Ad of the Day – May 29 (Mumbai)

Your daily dose of advertising awesomeness from around the world!

Today’s pick:

  • Agency: Ogilvy
  • Location: Mumbai
  • Client: MP Tourism (tourism board for the state of Madhya Pradesh)
  • Name: “Festival of Holi”
  • Category: Film

Why I like it: What a rich visual feast. It’s almost a crime to view this through a Youtube window measuring 8x10cm! (time to bring out the big screen television and the high-definition player.) Just when you think certain narrative approaches have been done before (like the throwing of the colors), just when you think certain executional elements have been covered off on (like the rotating-camera effect), along come tremendously talented folks to re-imagine it, mix it up in different ways, and give us something that feels powerfully fresh and alive. A day-long course could be taught just diving into the details of the craft involved in these 90 seconds, the cinematography, soundtrack…every element is executed to the hilt. But, importantly, it’s all in the service of imbuing Madhya Pradesh with a sense of wonder and whimsy. It works, in a most impressive and colorful manner. Congrats to my colleagues in the Mumbai office!

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