Ad of the Day – June 6 (Cairo)

Your daily dose of advertising awesomeness from around the world!

Today’s pick:

  • Agency: JWT
  • Location: Cairo
  • Client: Dolceca (ice cream)
  • Name: Aqua Mangos
  • Category: Web film

Why I like it: I love every second of this film. It’s the most ridiculous premise ever…but it’s carried out with such commitment, passion and attention to detail that it completely hooks you and wins you over with its irrepressible charm. The commitment and passion is shown by the characters (who play it straight, which makes them truly funny), and is evident because there is no corner-cutting in production: they went out and rented the boat, cast the crew, and actually filmed this silly story. A minor miracle, because one can imagine so many “yeah, but…:” moments along the way. And the attention to detail…most videos are happy to have one good gag, here they are gently scattered everywhere: from being told what to do with an extinct fish (“kill it”…”but, it’s extinct!”), to the hyper-combative Filipino crewman, to the oddly cross-eyed navigation officer, and more.  A real gem coming at us from Egypt!


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