Ad of the Day – July 3 (Paris)

Your daily dose of advertising awesomeness from around the world!

Today’s pick:

  • Agency: DDB
  • Location: Paris
  • Client: National Geographic
  • Name: Sandstorm
  • Category: Film

Why I like it: Despite all the eye-popping breakthroughs of today’s audiovisual technology, we are often reminded that simple, old-fashioned, analog nature is a thing of unique wonder and fearsome power. And when you’re given a brief to sell a “product” as unique as nature itself, sometimes there’s no need to elevate it, or present it in abstract manner, or get very technical, or innovative, or fancy…just show it. That’s how special it is…just show it. It’s great that the creative team behind this was able to recognize that less can indeed be more. The clever writing is a nice complement and gives the ad texture, but really from the initial shot of the sandstorm, the viewer is hooked. A gripping start, great images and writing to sustain the attention, and the point is driven home decisively as our brave cameraman stumbles around  in the storm. Elegant, understated, but very powerful. Just like the product.

Cannes Bronze Film Lion winner

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