Ad of the Day – August 28 (Provo)

Your daily dose of advertising awesomeness from around the world!

Today’s pick:

  • Agency: N/A. Directed by Devin Graham, aka Devin Supertramp
  • Location: Provo, Utah
  • Client: Mountain Dew
  • Name: Human bungee slingshot
  • Category: web film
  • Why I like it: Fun. Youthfulness. Extreme. Wild. Smiles. Friends. Awesome…notice that none of these words were spoken or shown on this video (actually, no words at all!), and yet all of this comes through so vividly – I’ll bet you were smiling as you watched it! This web video is a great example of the maxim that action (showing it) speaks louder than words. Also known as “don’t tell me you’re funny, tell me a joke and make me laugh!” Or said more elegantly still: “Preach the gospel always…if necessary, use words”. We often get way too lost talking to ourselves and rationalizing away in our advertising, instead of just being. Many other interesting things going on here: 1) it’s so important not to overplay the brand role if you want your video to have a chance at going viral…here Mountain Dew does it just right. How easy would it have been to screw this one up by putting in some voiceover, or some product claim, or painting the whole thing with a huge MD logo? And yet they didn’t. 2) This director does only Youtube videos for a living. Very interesting, and says a lot about today’s new media landscape. Check out his link below. 3) Music music music music. So important, it can’t be said enough. 4) Two Ads of the Day by Mountain Dew in just a few days. This actually means something, these things don’t happen by coincidence. Probably a year ago there were big changes on the marketing/agency side, a new system/ambition/philosophy came into place, and perhaps we’re starting to see the output trickling out now. I’d keep an eye out on their market share.

Bonus content: More on Devin Supertramp

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