Ad of the Day – October 16 (Los Angeles)

Your daily dose of advertising awesomeness from around the world!

Today’s pick:

  • Agency: Threshold Interactive
  • Location: Los Angeles
  • Client: Hot Pockets
  • Name: You got what I eat
  • Category: Music Video
  • Why I like it: This one is a gem, for its unapologetic self-awareness, for its fearlessness in speaking to its “real” target, and for its overall boldness.Two main lessons to draw: 1. Know your target. No, I mean, really know your real target – half the time we deal with generalities because we have the well-meaning conviction that we appeal to everyone. Get over it. Find the bulls-eye. Find the core, and talk to them (the others will listen!) If not,someone else will find them, and they will steal them from you.The other half of the time, we know who they are…but we don’t know them. Yes, you read the research report, yes you went to a focus group. Nonsense, you’re only scratching the surface. Dig deep, live with them, be them. Or hire people who can give you that insight. Any consumer knowledge you get from a Powerpoint or two will lead to generic advertising. 2. Make the bold choices – I can just imagine the thousand well-meaning objections that had to be overcome: a music video hasn’t been done before, it’s too risky, is not right, it will send the wrong message, it’s too obvious we’re talking to stoners, the cost is too high, we’ve always done 30s, it will not get approved by management, the media plan is already pre-booked, moms will object, it will be too expensive, it will not get us coverage, this can’t be quantitatively tested, etc… And yet…The result is a complete home run: funny, interesting, perfect in tonality, shareable, with buzz factor. And did you notice that they manage to sneak in about one thousand product shots, and engage in a whole debate about the functional attributes of the product (filling vs. crust) all while entertaining and engaging? That’s how it’s done, people. Very, very nice job. It almost (emmm…not quite) makes me hungry for a Hot Pocket.

(Context for the non US readers – Kate Upton is the hot starlet du jour, Snoop Dogg is a famous SoCal rapper that is all about the weed, and the song “Just a Friend” is a classic sing-along rap hit from 1989, and it features the lyrics “baby you, you got what I need…”)

PS – Thanks to Paul M for the tip!

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