Ad of the Day – November 19 (Buenos Aires)

Your daily dose of advertising awesomeness from around the world!

Today’s pick:

  • Agency: JWT
  • Location: Buenos Aires
  • Client: Brahma beer
  • Name: Drink up life, like you drink a Brahma
  • Category: Film
  • Translation:

Yesterday’s gone
Tomorrow is not yet here
You only have today
So enjoy it
Enjoy it a lot
Live more freely
Enjoy the after office…
…and the office
Have the best Saturday night…
…and a great Wednesday, 3:38pm
Think of a great tomorrow
And a great today
Remove drama from your life
Add comedy
Laugh more
Worry less
Waste time with friends…or win time.
Drink up life, like you drink up a Brahma

  • Why I like it: I love manifesto advertising, a great many of my favorite ads ever are manifestos. Many of us may look at this beer ad and think “It’s too generic. It doesn’t say anything about the product. It doesn’t give you a reason to choose it versus the competition. It’s a bunch of cliches that don’t really connect with the beer, etc.”. But I really believe 22 year old guys and girls in Paraguay (the target of this ad) will look at it and say “hell yeah!” A manifesto is a statement of belief by a brand, and this can be so powerful because, when you’re in a commoditized category like beer, beliefs are infinitely more important than functional benefits. Trust me, for a 22 year old, beer is basically beer. It’s all pretty much the same. Nobody cares about your hops, or your brewing process, or even your refreshing quality. But if you’re talking to the heart, if you’re talking at a deeper level, if you’re saying something that others aren’t…and you mange to connect?…this will make a huge difference.


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