Ad of the Day – November 27 (Los Angeles)

Your daily dose of advertising awesomeness from around the world!

Today’s pick:

  • Why I like it: Just because we’re used to it from Apple doesn’t mean what they do is any less great. Sure, everything is one step easier when you have an iconic brand and a compelling product benefit. But the road from there to a great ad is so treacherous…and here they handle it with their usual flair. Beautifully shot and clearly demonstrating the “wow” product benefit in a way that is universally understood, from child to grandparent. And yet what’s really nice about this ad is how they take their time. Time to calmly allow the mis-direction to seep into our brain, while patiently doling out a narrative that puts the product benefit on a grand scale. The visual trick would work in a 15 second format, sure – but at 1 minute, the deeper message has the necessary time to sink in. When the reveal comes, it feels delightfully surprising, oh-so-clever, and (most importantly) true to the claims that came before. A winner.


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