Ad of the Day – May 12 (Ankara)

Your daily dose of advertising awesomeness from around the world!

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Today’s pick:

  • Agency: Cosmic Creative
  • Location: Ankara, Turkey
  • Client: AXA Insurance
  • Name: Art Insurance
  • Category: Print
  • Why I like it: It’s rare and always a bit delightful to come across a good “double-take” ad. The kind where they don’t give it away immediately: they hook you in, you think you’ve got it, you’re about to turn the page, and then something goes “click”, and then at last you really get it. This approach is rare because you risk people missing the “aha moment” entirely, and in fact many do. And so you have ads that are extremely clear…and in many cases so equally clear and indistinct from the rest that you…miss the “aha moment” entirely:) The ad above, in addition to being subtle,  uses creativity to deliver a credible message about what the brand offers you, and manages to do so with grace and beauty. Well done!

*If you’re thinking that this is the typical awards-season, developing-market, semi-scammy, one-off print ad…you’d be wrong. This ad is part of a broader campaign featuring different types of insurance services, and the above happens to be the best of the lot.


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