Ad of the Day – May 14 (Rio de Janeiro)

Your daily dose of advertising awesomeness from around the world!

Today’s pick:

  • Agency: Ogilvy
  • Location: Rio de Janeiro
  • Client: Sol de Janeiro (sunscreen brand)
  • Name: Tattoo artists against skin cancer
  • Category: Public Service/Film
  • Why I like it: Look closely at this video and you’ll get a mini-masterclass on how to expertly package a creative idea. Start with an underdog product/brand that likely has a tiny budget. Big campaigns are out, so they arm themselves with courage and take a leap of faith to do something different, much less safe than your standard “key visual”. Then, look for an idea that connects to relevant cultural truth. In this case the beach-worshipping, sun-loving culture of Brazil youth. Please select an idea that has some edge…some unconventional sexiness that makes it interesting and different. A skin care cancer prevention film could be all about doctors and microscopes and cellular diagrams…this one is all about bad-ass tattoo artists sporting serious ink and a healthy dose of attitude. And finally, execute the hell out of it. In this point my Brazilian colleagues at Ogilvy are at the top of the game. The sexy images jolted by the introduction of the word “cancer”, the pacing, the music, the introduction of the idea through the credible voice of a newscaster, the slo-mo panning shot of the artists, the buildup of emotion,  the personal payoff, the subtle sharing of results that matter, the call to action…every single detail is polished for maximum effect – easy to see, but very hard to do when you’ve got 40 hours of footage to edit. Good stuff. Parabens, galera!

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