Ad of the Day – September 15 (Amsterdam)

Your daily dose of advertising awesomeness from around the world!

Today’s pick:

  • Agency: W+K
  • Location: Amsterdam
  • Client: FIFA 15
  • Name: Feel the Game
  • Category: Film
  • Why I like it: It would have been so tempting to just rely on the gameplay action (which is stunning), or the celebrity (featuring biggest soccer star in the world), or the special effects (high-end cinematic flourishes.) But…no. Instead, they combined ALL of those elements seamlessly, and wrapped it around a completely innovative creative/visual device which shows everyday “you” being put in the middle of the game. The crescendo towards a climatic finale is expected…the surprising twist is the way in which everyday people (and by extension,you) are brought into the heart of the action. A heart-pounding piece of work.

5 thoughts on “Ad of the Day – September 15 (Amsterdam)

  1. Absolutely on the money with ‘Feel the Game’. What i really like is after watching it a couple of times, after the initial wow, is that little element that gives me a wry grin…..the goldfish. And perhaps its just me, but that goldfish is what i will remember this ad for in years to come.

    • I love the goldfish, I love how they all jump up during the free kick, I love the moment you realize that they are “living the game” not just playing it (like when they start to get wet from the rain. So many magical moments in this ad. And to think that it could have been “good” with so little…I’m so grateful they went ahead and made it great:)

  2. To be honest, the idea of being part of the game was not enough to impress me. The thing I really love in this ad is the way they create the tension and release it at exactly the right point (which you know, at the end of the video). The creative expression of player’s (the video game player) mood, and the dramatic story make this spot stands out of the cluster.

    PS. This one really reminds me the “Winner stays on” spot for Nike from W+K. Not just the soccer, but the familiar way to create a great story and make the audience to feel the hype.

  3. You’re totally right on the tension, Joe. It was masterfully built. By the time the ball is crossed to Messi you are leaning forward into the screen, the tension is almost unbearable – and the release is so real. Wonderful. There are so many different things to like in this ad (see comments above.)

    • I do like that goldfish too, XD. This is definitely a great ad overall,whatever from the creativity and the final execution of the video. What I really want to say was pretty much like you said an ad can not standing out just because of the good creativity, but also need some, like execution, celebrity and special effects (you mentioned those before). I would say that goldfish is just like the cherry on the cake. If you don’t have that, it’s still good, if you have that, it’s awesome.

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