Ad of the Day – September 22 (Brisbane)

Your daily dose of advertising awesomeness from around the world!

Today’s pick:

  • Agency: BCM
  • Location: Australia
  • Client: Bundaberg Ginger Beer
  • Name: A tribute to old school dads
  • Category: Film
  • Why I like it: Marketers and ad agencies everywhere are constantly turning themselves inside out in their effort to “crack” communications with younger folks. And of course, there is a robust industry of messaging to senior citizens. Lost in between is a huge segment of the population. They’re not young in the traditional sense (although they feel young) and they’re certainly not old (although some may be starting to look it.) So how to reach them with a fast-moving-goods message? Is there a way to celebrate who they are and what they’ve accomplished, while still keeping it fresh, light and interesting? The folks at Bundaberg beer evidently think so. Wonderfully written, delightfully tongue-in-cheek, and gleefully reverential; I think this ad will hit it with their target, and trickle on down very well to the younger folks – a fancy trick to pull off indeed.

3 thoughts on “Ad of the Day – September 22 (Brisbane)

  1. I really like a detail that appeared in the end. When the voiceover officially announce the Bundaberg Ginger Beer, the camera focus just transfer from those colorful thin bottle of beers, to the thick Bundaberg Ginger Beer bottle. It’s actually the perfect summary for the ad, we don’t really care about how young people think, we focus on you old fellas, now, come to the store, and pick the beer that really representing you.

    Based on my experience, those old school Dads are actually despise the way that most young people’s life style. Bundaberg catches this point, instead of sarcasm the younger generation, they self-mockry. I remember someone told me that the best humor is actually self-mocky, and I 100% agree with it. I believe self-mocky in this spot not only make it very entertaining, but also arose the resonation with their target customers. Great job.


    • I think that part of the magic is that they DO care about how young people think (other variants of the beer are targeted at younger men). By this approach, they can have both: the older men that are glorified, and (because of the tone and manner) the younger men will be attracted to it too. Getting both targets would be the ideal.

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