Ad of the Day – May 14 (Madrid)

Your daily dose of advertising awesomeness from around the world!

Today’s pick:

  • Agency: Bassat Ogilvy
  • Location: Madrid
  • Client: Ford
  • Name: “Used cars that smell like new”

Why I like it: Finally! I’ve always, always wondered why no one did this before – it’s just so obvious. There’s a lot of merit in taking the obvious and actually executing it very well. It’s an easy sell to the client and to the consumer, because it needs no explanation. And this is no stunt – of course the smell of new is the hook to open your mind to a further pitch on these used cars. You don’t normally see communications that involve the sense of smell, probably because it’s hard to pull off. Yet when it works, it does so on a very internal level, I think it’s very powerful and still relatively unexplored territory. Congrats to the folks at Bassat Ogilvy for going through with it – who’s next?

If advertising jingles work so damn well, how come we never hear them anymore?


I'd like to teach...(you know the rest)

Back in my early teens I lived in Montevideo, Uruguay. I was a puny pre-pubescent kid that was years away from needing to shave…but I nevertheless knew about a Razor/Shaving Machine store downtown, called “La Casa de la Afeitadora”. I even knew its exact street address: Yi 1436. Why would I know this? And why the hell did I remember it 27 years later, when I can barely remember the address of my current home? Continue reading