How to get hired: a 10 step plan for getting a job in advertising, guaranteed.


A friend of the family is looking to get into the advertising business, and he sent me an email asking for my advice. I sent him back a list of 10 things he should do, and I gave him a 90% guarantee that it would work. These days that’s not a bad number…so I figured I would share with everyone and spread the love:) Continue reading

The secret sauce? It’s called relevance.


A couple of weeks ago I saw this ad for the launch of the Smart Car in the US.

I thought to myself, “cool”. I didn’t love it, but I did like it. I felt it took a very simple core idea that was very central to the product itself, and gave it a positive spin, almost a counter-cultural declaration of sorts. On my scale of recognizing good advertising, which I wrote about in a previous post on this blog it surpassed my hurdles of being good, sticky, and branded. Not bad! Sure, maybe it wasn’t entirely original (this kind of thing was done by DDB back in the “Lemon” days, more than 40 years ago), but I thought it was pretty good, and that was that. Continue reading

If you love your country, you’ll buy this product!


I want YOU to buy this productSometimes while sitting around with my creative colleagues, we joke around that if you need more impact in an idea, just insert puppies, or a cute baby. Hey…it works!

All joking aside, there certainly ARE some ingredients that, when leveraged with cleverness in a communication, have the potential to hypercharge the idea and make it huge. One of those elements is “country”. Continue reading

Copywriting is dead…Long live copywriting! – (an account guy’s view)


Where have all the words gone? Here are two opposing views:

Copywriting is dead

1.      Words are no longer sexy in advertising, (and they don’t get creatives promoted.)

Here is a Cannes winner this year from Euro RSCG Bangkok, and here is an example from JWT Mexico. They’re representative of the modern taste in design, favoring clean lines, full bleed double page images, impactful visuals that telegraph the benefit, minimal logo and tagline at the bottom right. Continue reading

Crappy…good…or sublime advertising? How to tell the difference with 6 simple questions!


It's as easy as this.

How do you know when an ad is good? Are there different levels of “goodness”?

Some would say that you can never totally know in such a subjective field. Others would say that it’s all related to how much the ad helps to sell. Yet others would measure it through quantitative testing that statistically measures the projected awareness and recall of an ad. Yadda, yadda, yadda.

This is a complicated issue, right? Well, it doesn’t have to be if you ask yourself 6 simple questions! Continue reading