Ad of the Day – September 11 (San Francisco)

Your daily dose of advertising awesomeness from around the world!

Today’s pick:

  • Why I like it: I love this one so much. It’s a like a 1 minute mini-movie that puts a ton of ingredients in the pressure cooker (humor, drama, cinematics, design, suspense, brand, casting, product benefit, sound design, etc.) closes the lid, raises the heat…and out comes this little gem, perfectly balanced for impact, memorability and enjoyment. So chock-full of detail that it bears repeated viewing (what is your favorite shot? mine is the one of the kids in the back seat of the station wagon, sucking on a popsicle – so spooky-random and so awesome! Oh, and I still don’t get where the guy comes from at the end…) Imagine this one in a commercial break full of car ads showing winding roads and blowing leaves. It stands out, doesn’t it? Fantastic work out of San Francisco yet again (check out their previous effort almost exactly one year ago), showing the importance of craft, attention to detail, and creativity all working to amplify a simple strategy and benefit.