Ad of the Day – December 10 (Buenos Aires)

Your daily dose of advertising awesomeness from around the world!

Today’s pick:

Secretary: “excuse me…that alarm that is ringing…isn’t it yours?”
LATER…SURVEYING THE NEAR-LOSS OF HIS “MILANESA” (classic Argentine breaded steak)
Secretary: “What happened????”
Man (indignant): “They tried to swipe my milanesa..!”
Woman (indignant): “Son of a bi…!!”
VO: win a special Tuppeware Alarm by sharing our cooking tips on FB
VO: BGH Quickchef: meals that require an alarm

Why I like it: This one comes with a pedigree worth noting: from the makers of the great “Dads in Briefs” campaign for air conditioners, the imaginative “Quick Chef Music” special edition Microwave, and the ambitious-but-not-quite-right “Summer Hater” follow-up for air conditioners. The folks at BGH and Del Campo Nazca S&S are committed to ballsy thinking, and as a result you get quirky gems like this one. The premise is that these microwaves are so good at cooking (not just re-heating), that they make “Meals that require an alarm”. You make food, and you have to put an alarm on your Tupperware when you take it to the office, because people will try to steal it. Best of all, they actually joined up with Tupperware to make an alarmed version…and they’re using it as a give-away promo piece! How they get from the brief (good for food, not just re-heating) to the creative idea (food that requires an alarm) is a pretty inspired leap, normally that would be enough. But the genius is that they went all-in with the Tupperware concept, going as far as to produce it and make it the centerpiece of their communications push (2 other tvcs, social media, etc.) Consider also that there probably hasn’t been anything interesting to say about microwaves for about 25 years, product-wise. So to put a spin on things and come up with attention grabbing advertising not one, but two years in a row…wow. Para sacarse el sombrero, senores!