Ad of the Day – September 12 (Paris)

Your daily dose of advertising awesomeness from around the world!

Today’s pick:

  • Agency: Rosaparks
  • Location: Paris
  • Client: Brother p-Touch
  • Name: Next time label it
  • Category: Film
  • Why I like it: Say you want to put out a good, memorable ad for your product. All you have to do is budget, concept, strategize, validate, brief, create, tissue-session, present, sell-in, adjust, prepare stimulus, research, adjust, approve, bid, produce, re-adjust, media plan, finalize, traffic and release. And then you hope for the best, because there are no guarantees. Or you could just wing it. I don’t recommend it because the odds of success become scary-low, but if you’re going to wing it, my advice is “be funny.” Funny is really, really hard to do, but when it works, it works almost better than anything else. Everyone loves a chuckle. In this particular case, it’s a series of chuckles, all in the service of illustrating a very simple product benefit. You get in, you make people laugh, you deliver the message, and you get out. When it works, it really works!