Ad of the Day – July 1 (Madrid)

Your daily dose of advertising awesomeness from around the world!

Today’s pick:

  • Agency: McCann
  • Location: Madrid
  • Client: Calvo Tuna
  • Name: They know it
  • Category: Film

Why I like it: “But wait…this doesn’t look like a tuna ad. Where are the smiles? Where is the consumption shot? And the family dinner-time shot? The energy is a low…too moody, the interest tracking is going to be low. Where is the reason to believe? The freshness? And surely moms can’t relate to being portrayed like this, the relevance scores are going to be under par. And we need the product up at the top, right now it’s in the very back, we need so much more branding.” Umm…how many tuna ads do you remember? Zero? Exactly. So when exactly did zero recall become a best practice (LINK score notwithstanding)? Our ideas must be different. They must take an unexpected route, to even have a chance. For every  “best-practice-this-is-what-worked-before” convention, I can show you 20 “compliant” ads that pass like a ship in the night. I believe this Calvo ad is a winner, because it’s supremely interesting from the first 5 seconds on…and then never let’s go. And when it comes time to introduce the product it all makes sense, it comes together in a credible manner that releases the built up tension…and the overall result elevates the brand. Next brief you have, think of the 5 best ads in the category…then come up with something completely different.

Cannes Bronze Film Lion winner