Cannes 2014: Predictions

Cannes is around the corner, with thousands of hopefuls vying to take home a prized Lion. Who will succeed? Well, if you’ve been reading the Ad of the Day during the last year, you’ve actually seen a lot of work that will surely win some metal.
I’ve combed back through the last year of content, and below I share with you my 6 guaranteed(*) winners, plus another long list of work that I think has a strong chance. Enjoy!
(*) Trying to guess Cannes outcome is a fool’s game, as I painfully learned a year ago. But…whatever!
1. OBI home improvement “Renovated Billboards” 
Redefines the boundaries of the outdoor medium, while showing the brand promise in a unique way. (OOH GOLD/Grand Prix) 
2. NewCastle Brown Ale “If We Made It”
Leveraged the insanity of superbowl ad-mania, turned it on its head, and got a ton of attention with little money. Brilliant. (Titanium GOLD/Grand Prix)
To see the entire campaign, go here:
3. Volvo Trucks “The Epic Split”
Dripping sheer brilliance in every glorious second. 72 million views, each one of them utterly deserved. (Film Gold/Grand Prix)
4. Mercedes Benz “Magic Body Control”
Completely unexpectd, and yet completely on target. A convention-buster that stays with you. (Film GOLD)
5. S7 Airlines “Peace Kiev-Moscow”
An amazing convergence of relevance and branded iconography. Captured lightning in a bottle. (OOH GOLD)
6. NZ transport agency
Devastatingly powerful, and strikingly original in a category that has been mined a-plenty (Film GOLD)
FULL LIST OF PROJECTED WINNERS (AMONG PREVIOUS ADS OF THE DAY – click on link to view the piece and the write up)
1. HBO GO (film BRONZE)
2. Sogni d’oro Teas (craft BRONZE)
3. VW Kombi (Titanium SILVER)
4. Lurpak (craft SILVER)
5. Nike (film BRONZE)
6. S7 Airlines (OOH GOLD)
7. Apotek Hair (OOH SILVER)
8. OBI home improvement (OOH GOLD/Grand Prix)
9. Jose Cuervo (Cyber BRONZE)
10. VANS (Branded Content SILVER)
11. NewCastle Brown Ale (film, Titianium GOLD/Grand Prix)
12. The North Face (Branded Content SILVER)
14. Guinness (craft BRONZE)
16. Day’s Inn (Film BRONZE)
17. Selpak tissues (Print BRONZE)
18. Greenpeace (Film BRONZE)
19. Volvo Trucks (Film GOLD/Grand Prix)
21. John Lewis (craft Bronze)
22. Eurostar (Cyber BRONZE)
23. Virgin (Film BRONZE)
25. Corona (Design SILVER)
26. Jack & Jones (Film SILVER)
27. Playstation (Craft BRONZE)
28. Geox (Cyber SILVER)
29. Carrie (Activation BRONZE)
30. Mercedes Benz (Film GOLD)
31. Guinness (Print SILVER)
33. Virgin Mobile (Innovation BRONZE)
34. Volvo Trucks (film BRONZE)
35. Airwaves (Print BRONZE)
36. GoPro (Branded Content BRONZE)
37. Schweppes (Print SILVER)
38. Paris Zoo (Print BRONZE)
39. Chipotle (Design GOLD)
40. Coca-Cola (Product Design GOLD)
41. Coca-Cola (Promo&Activation SILVER)