Ad of the Day – September 14 (Stockholm)

Your daily dose of advertising awesomeness from around the world!


Today’s pick:

  • Agency: DDB
  • Location: Stockholm
  • Client: McDonald’s
  • Name: “Cheese. A defense.”
  • Category: Print

Why I like it: Sometimes, seemingly against all odds, an ad just grabs you. Too much copy, who has time! Ugh, I hate junk food! What a boring visual style, how old-fashioned! etc. etc. Still…this one grabbed my attention, and left me with a smile on my face. Visually it’s very elegant, unusually so for this category (it looks kind of like an Apple ad, doesn’t it?). The headline is made to grab you: people may or may not like burgers…but most folks tend to like cheese, and for quite a few people it’s a passion. By setting this all up as a defense of cheese – having cheese be the stand-in for the burger…the underdog that is asking for some respect, I think it’s clever, and it works. And the copy, well if you read it you likely come away with a smile, it’s written with wit and style – tongue-in-cheek yet a bit serious, and it’s endearingly European in some bits (“discotheque”!) All in all, a damn fine print ad coming at us from Sweden to end the week in style.