Ad of the Day – July 23 (Madrid)

Your daily dose of advertising awesomeness from around the world!

01_aotw03_aotw02_aotwToday’s pick:

  • Agency: China
  • Location: Madrid
  • Client: Schweppes
  • Name: Iggy
  • Category: Print

Why I like it: Great print ad! It might be liked or hated, but it won’t be ignored. I’m sure it was tough to pull off (it always is…), but it’s tempting to picture this one as an example of when everything just “clicks” in advertising: we start with a product that is meaningfully different (more tart/bitter)…An interesting strategy (maybe we overdid it!..this is not for everyone!) A great creative idea with the brand at the core (Maybe too Schweppes?)…brought to life through great copywriting (“the Schweppiest Lemon Schweppes”,)…elevated and amplified by a masterful celebrity casting (if it’s too hardcore for Iggy, that’s saying a LOT, and also the fact that he’s one of the most wrinkly, visually distinctive celebs out there)…and executed with flair (the photography and art direction are superb). Everything just works, from product, to brief, to strategy, idea and execution. Wish it were always so easy! In the end, you’re left with an arresting visual that communicates an interesting product truth in a unique and memorable manner. That’s not too Schweppes, it’s just right!

Bonus content: If you’re a fan of Iggy (or Schweppes) check out the TVC.