Ad of the Day – May 20 (Denver)

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Today’s pick:

  • Agency: N/A
  • Location: Denver
  • Client: Chipotle
  • Name: Cultivating Thought
  • Category: Product Design
  • Why I like it: Sometimes I come across a piece so amazing that I can barely write about it, so stunned am I by a mixture of awe and jealousy. This is one of those. It’s brand building at a high level: high relevance (people like to look at something while they’re having a quick lunch on their own,) high value (the write ups are fantastic, and done by famous/talented writers) low cost (completely free to the consumer and low cost to the brand,) loyalty building (it’s linked to purchase and inspires repeated visits) aesthetically pleasing (the design itself is beautiful to look at, and importantly, it’s incredibly simple while managing to make a complex statement about the brand’s character: cultured, contemporary, different, caring. An absolute home run!