Ad of the Day – May 7 (Singapore)

Your daily dose of advertising awesomeness from around the world!

Today’s pick:

  • Agency: Ogilvy
  • Location: Singapore
  • Client: Coca-Cola & Singapore Kindness Movement
  • Name: CokeDrones
  • Category: Activation/Film
  • Why I like it: In recent years, an increasing number of brands have realized that “helping to make the world a better place” is not only inherently satisfying, but it also helps to build the brand. And yet, even doing good has to be done just right, or you risk a backlash of cynicism, inaction, or simply being ignored. This lovely initiative by Coca-Cola Singapore manages to strike just the right note through a careful blend of variables: 1) Topic: the plight of immigrant workers is top of mind in Singaporean society, especially following a riot in Little India a few months ago. 2)Tone: They don’t set out to “fix” things, or to alter the course of these workers’ life. By providing a bridge to relay feelings of support and appreciation, they bring a smile to a face, brighten up an afternoon, and leave it at that – which is the right level of ambition for such a thorny subject. 3)Creative hook: the drones provide a striking visual and allow the brand to reach workers that are out of normally out reach (and thus invisible) on a high construction site. 4)Brand’s role: Ever-present yet tastefully subdued, putting the focus squarely on the human interest story that drives the emotional punch. In summary, it’s a lovely, nuanced activation idea that brings a smile to the face, raises respectful awareness of a social tension, and supports Coca-Cola’s role as a purveyor of little moments of happiness. Congratulations to the team in Singapore (and a big thanks – I was privileged to have been a part of this project!)