Ad of the Day – May 16 (Beijing)

Your daily dose of advertising awesomeness from around the world!

Today’s pick:

  • Agency:
  • Location: Beijing
  • Client: Coca-Cola Vietnam
  • Name: Coca-Cola 2nd Lives
  • Category: Product design/Promotion
  • Why I like it: Ah yes: the joy coming across an idea that is simple, obvious, and yet surprisingly fresh! (It’s the type of idea that someone could/should have done decades ago, and yet it remained hidden, undiscovered, until now.) I mean…really…what IF empty Coke bottles were never thrown away? Far from being a one-off stunt that shines bright and fades fast, this one is built with iron-clad good sense and will surely spread. And why not? Let’s encourage little moments of carefree happiness, encourage an awareness on sustainability, and (yes of course) encourage brand preference. Everybody wins!: the consumer, the environment, and the advertiser. This kind of triple win scenario is rare – congratulations to my colleagues in Beijing and Shanghai for overcoming countless obstacles to pull this one off!