Ad of the Day – May 23 (Santiago)

Your daily dose of advertising awesomeness from around the world!

Today’s pick:

  • Agency: Lowe Porta
  • Location: Santiago, Chile
  • Client: Cristal (beer)
  • Name: “Salgamos Jugando” (a soccer expression meaning something like “let’s control the ball”)

Why I like it: If you are a fan of soccer/footbal/futbol/futebol, you don’t like this ad, you love this ad. It is filled with little visual “easter eggs” that keep popping out each time you view the tvc (the first time you’ll miss some of it, so watch it again!) This ad, made to announce Cristal’s sponsorship of the Chilean national team, captures a lot of the visual cliches of soccer and applies them to the popular “buddies-in-a-bar” setup, with hilarious effects. Really well done…one of those that make you laugh “because it’s so true!”.

Now…a whole separate paragraph is needed so we can have a conversation about the music. The song makes the ad, from second 1 onwards. No matter how good the rest of it is (and it is quite good!) the track is easily 60% of the awesomeness. Why then don’t we pay even more attention to music in the creative development process? Music is such a  powerful shortcut to the emotions, yet so often the track is treated as something that is added on at the end, perhaps even by the production house/director. Are we under-using a tremendously powerful tool? I think so. Let’s push harder, people. I can imagine the account guy or the client saying “…are you crazy? ‘We are the Champions’ must be incredibly expensive! Can’t we just compose something with a similar feel?” The fact that it came out like this shows that someone along the line had the courage to aim high, and it shows in the result. Congratulations to the folks at Lowe Porta for the very first Ad of the Day from Chile!

PS – I’ve written before about the off absence of jingles in today’s advertising, Click here if you missed it.