Ad of the Day – April 4 (Alicante)

Your daily dose of advertising awesomeness from around the world!


Today’s pick:

  • Agency: Imaginarte
  • Location: Alicante, Spain
  • Client: Diesel Footwear
  • Name: Only the Brave
  • Category: Print
  • Why I like it: Fashion advertising is a bit of a different bird, often operating under a slightly different set of “rules”. But this one caught my eye in a big way: it’s a delightfully simple distillation of the few elements that make a strong print ad. 1. Art direction: the color palette, the cross formed between the leg and the headline bar, the sense of motion implied by the angle of the shoe, and more stuff that I don’t have the training to describe. Very simple, and all in service of the idea and the product. 2. Copywriting: Long form copy has become exceedingly rare in today’s short attention span world. But words make a difference. Only the brave…only the brave what? It’s a question…a provocation…an invitation…a quizzical link to the visual…all of the above. And very much linked to what the brand stand for. 3. Idea: Remove the cupcake and you’ve got no idea, just a product shot. Quite boring. But this visual has intrigue in it, it stops you on your tracks. Will it be smashed, won’t it? There’s a tension here, a story formed by the visual and the tagline, that makes the ad really work. 4. Brand/product: All of the above is first a hook to get you interested, and then a very subtle funnel, leading your eye and mind to a focus point on the shoe at the center of the page. It looks great. I want it! You’re selling an attitude, a mystery, a tension, a style…but at the end of the day, never forget that you’re also selling a shoe. “We sell, or else!