Ad of the Day – November 19 (Melbourne)

Your daily dose of advertising awesomeness from around the world!

Today’s pick:

  • Agency: McCann
  • Location: Melbourne
  • Client: Metro Trains (rail/subway systems of Melbourne)
  • Name: “Dumb ways to die”
  • Category: Film/viral video

Why I like it: Very catchy, very cute, but with an edge, and with a healthy dose of humor. Hits all the right notes, and delivers the “be safe around trains” message loud and clear. Just great. Getting the message across is actually quite hard in these public service announcements, because people instinctively don’t like being told what to do. If you go too soft, the message won’t be heard. If you’re too aggressive , people shut off their minds, or even reject your well-meaning message. Hitting that middle note is key, and here I think they nail it with an enjoyable 3 minute animated music video. There are so many other ways in which they could have attempted to deliver on this brief…and even once they landed on this idea, there are so many other ways in which they could have executed it…Just goes to show that when something is “just right”, it’s a minor miracle of brilliance, courage, perseverance, and good luck!