Ad of the Day – April 16 (Stockholm)

Your daily dose of advertising awesomeness from around the world!

Today’s pick:

  • Agency: Doe Blomberg Gottberg
  • Location: Stockholm
  • Client: Fjalfill (milk products)
  • Name: More night skiing for the people
  • Category: Ambient
  • Why I like it: This idea may seem simple, but it’s quite brilliant in the way it ties together all of its components. The brand role is clear, as a sponsor of enjoyment in the mountains. The payoff to consumers is clear, by giving them more time to ski. Even the “ask” from the consumers is something that gives back – it allows them to do something fun in an otherwise dull moment. In our industry we tend to take for granted that consumers will care, or want to engage…the reality is that we must dig deep to find those activities that are truly “win-win”, as this one is. On a separate note, I love the tone of the video when it states proudly that this was an offline activity. I guarantee this will catch the attention of the judges at award shows, whose minds will have been bombarded with a million cases trying to out-digital one another. This short video shows a keen understanding of who its consumers are, both during the live event and during the judging period. Wonderful job.