Ad of the Day – October 25 (Toronto)

Your daily dose of advertising awesomeness from around the world!

Today’s pick:

  • Agency: McCann
  • Location: Toronto
  • Client: XBox Forza Horizon (car racing video game)
  • Name: “Streets of Toronto”
  • Category: Ambient/viral video

Why I like it: It’s a super-cool, branded music video. Awesome track, amazing cars, beautiful slow motion visuals, great sound design, fun to watch – what’s not to like? Oh yes, the actual idea was good too: for gamers, the “player 1” and “player 2” device is instantly recognizable as a video game convention and would definitely catch the eye if seen live, on such unusually awesome cars rolling through your city – it’s the type of thing you’d take a picture of on your phone and send it with friends. But more broadly, there are two lessons here: 1) I think this puts to bed any doubt that the “case study video” has become THE means of truly amplifying activations/events/ambient stunts. It’s increasingly unimportant how many people are actually there live, as long as you can get great footage that you can control, optimize, and ultimately serve up to the many more people who will see it online. The bigger that ratio between live/online is, the more successful the overall action (for the 007 stunt that Coke Zero just did, I’d estimate it was 200 people live for 10 million online – not bad!) 2) Until fairly recently (1 year ago) there wasn’t a big awareness of this – only a few agencies understood it and while they scored big with user engagement and awards shows, the others lumbered along believing that activations were limited in scope. Now…everybody gets it, and everybody is scrambling in the same direction. Good for us! Who’s next?