Ad of the Day – November 15 (Mumbai)

Your daily dose of advertising awesomeness from around the world!

Today’s pick:

  • Agency: Ogilvy
  • Location: Mumbai
  • Client: Google
  • Name: Reunion
  • Category: Film
  • Why I like it: Wow. Someone please pass me a tissue! Extremely moving, in all the right ways. Ads like these elevate our profession. To me this is a master class in weaving in the brand into the lives and stories of consumers. This is so important, because the fact is that consumers very rarely care about brands…but they care a lot about their life, and the human experience. Google has been mastering this “weaving the brand into life” art for a while now, in ads like “Dear Sophie” and “Jess time“, and even recently started raising the stakes, in amazing ads such as the recent “Homeward Bound“. Throughout, Google is the subtle, powerful, and credible enabler of human connection. The result conveys a functional benefit while generating tremendous love towards the brand. A really, really hard trick to pull off! Masterful…and yet…what’s really also very interesting is watching them almost screw it up halfway through (you can learn a lot from mistakes). Which part of this ad lost you for a second, which part awoke the “inner skeptic”? The part where the son checks the weather…and the part where she checks the flight information, right? It’s too much! Not necessary at all! To me it feels like a brand manager getting over-eager to jam in an extra benefit, or the agency not making the tough call in the editing room. The lesson: Google credibly creates human connections? Very compelling. Google credibly informs you of the weather? Boring as hell. Both are true, but we must choose wisely. Luckily, the story is more than strong enough to recover, and the end is a tour de force. Notice that in nine out of ten ads, the final reunion is where the big climactic music bursts in…and yet here they keep the music track unchanged, and it’s all about the moment…the acting…the feeling. Sublime. Heartfelt congratulations to my colleagues in Ogilvy India!