Ad of the Day – July 5 (Sao Paulo)

Your daily dose of advertising awesomeness from around the world!

Today’s pick:

  • Agency: Ogilvy
  • Location: Sao Paulo
  • Client: Hellmann’s Mayonnaise
  • Name: “Recipe Receipt”

Why I like it: I love “dammit, that’s so obvious! why didn’t I think of that!” ideas. These ideas are simple, direct, obvious, and pleasing, and this is a powerful card to play if you want a consumer’s attention and appreciation. I also love “dammit, I thought of something like that but figured it was just too tough to pull off!” ideas. These ideas are defined by steep implementation hurdles, and when you see them come to life it’s a sign that a group of people believed strongly enough and overcame big odds to make it happen. That’s very gratifying to see for anyone in our industry. This case study by Hellman’s is an example of both. Such an obviously brilliant way to bring the brand to life at the point of sale (literally, at THE point of sale!), and you can tell the programming and implementation behind it must have been fierce – I heard that it took the team in Brazil two full years to take this from idea to reality! The end result is a clear consumer benefit, with the brand at the center making it all possible. You give and you get, in a seamless transaction of goodwill between consumer and marketer. Good stuff! Parabens to my colleagues at Ogilvy Sao Paulo, who won a Gold Lion for this baby.