Ad of the Day: November 6 (London)

Your daily dose of advertising awesomeness from around the world!

Today’s pick:

  • Agency: adam&eveDDB
  • Location: London
  • Client: John Lewis (retailer)
  • Name: Monty the Penguin
  • Category: Film
  • Why I like it: Surrender. There’s a bit of a grinch inside all of us that initially thinks “oh, here we go again with the Christmas adverts, the commercialization of the season, etc.” But then you watch this magical little film for John Lewis…and you’re swept away. Wondrous storytelling, resting on the fine edge between the expected and the surprising. Expertly produced, blending warm cinematography, inspired casting, and seamless CGI. And a separate note on the remake of John Lennon’s “Real Love”…just magical. John Lewis (and adam&eveDDB) are quickly establishing a Christmas tradition with their Christmas ad…it’s not cheap or easy, but the value to the brand must be priceless. Merry early Christmas.

PS – If you’re curious about the commercial side of this effort, click on the screen at the end of the clip and prepare to be amazed. Yes, there is a Monty the Penguin toy, surely destined to sell out. But a million other elements, from apps, to in-store, to experiential, to charity. This is not just an ad, it’s a seasonal marketing platform. Bravo.

PPS- Thanks AJ Coyne for the heads up!

The elements of a good TV ad? Don’t forget about balance (updated)


UPDATED, Feb 24, 2012, scroll to the bottom. Let’s pretend I was an art director, and was getting ready to produce a TV ad, what are some of the variables that would be running through my mind? Let’s see: director, casting, location, wardrobe, lighting, cinematography, special effects, camera angles, acting, props, shooting board, editing, pack shot…what else?

It occurs to me that an important element, not usually discussed in most of the of the pre-production meetings I’ve been around, is the notion of narrative balance. I just totally made this term up, by the way. But I would define narrative balance as:

“the relative weighting that each element of the commercial needs to have within the whole to make sure the ad communicates with the biggest possible impact and recall.” Continue reading